At Keepsake Video Inc. we pride ourselves on helping you tell your story in a meaningful way.  Through the process of shooting interviews, we develop relationships that we’re very proud of. Here are testimonials from some of our past interviewees.

Homa & Bijan Magen

Our Keepsake Video is giving us the opportunity to express the love we have for our kids, their children, and eventually, our great grandchildren.  It is important for us that they hear we love them, and care for them, and can share our stories with them.  

We know this is important for our kids, and so it was important to us, and we thank Dave and Dylan for helping us do this. 

Dr. Jay Keystone

It was important for me to make a Keepsake Video because I wanted to make sure my grandchildren and great grandchildren would have the opportunity to meet me, and hear my story from my mouth. It gives me piece of mind that they will hear my thoughts and prayers for them. 

Working with the Keepsake Video team was seamless.  They made me feel very comfortable from start to finish, and were conscientious and caring when shooting the interview. 

Keepsake Video Incorporated  
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